3D artist, formerly product designer, relentless tech tinkerer, I build interactive experiences for brands and companies around the world.

myD3SIGN Co-founder, Notion Ambassador, content creator, modern architecture enthusiast, dog lover. Trying to solve interesting video at a time.

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At myD3SIGN, we focus on interactive experiences for brands and companies around the world.

We can deliver a wide variety of outputs in a short period of time thanks to Unreal Engine.

Our focus is on bringing branded products into digitalized worlds where the user can interact and experience the brand identity and its values in new, engaging ways.

Leaving traditional offline renders behind, we specialize in real-time desktop and online/streamed experiences.

Our background in architecture, interior design, and 3D art allows us to craft believable worlds that resemble reality and at the same time can be bent and transformed in brand new ways.

After years of experience creating projects and modeling digital replicas for reknowned brands in the interior design market, I am one of the founders and the CTO at myD3SIGN, bridging the gap between the creative side and the technical one, leading a team of artists and developers, responsible for the art direction of the projects and managing foreign customers.

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